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Map of Memorial Regional Health service area

Memorial Regional

Population: 60,206 (combined population)

Service Area: Jackson, Grand, Moffat, Rio Blanco, and Routt Counties

Memorial Regional Health (MRH) served five counties spanning 13,809 miles in northwestern Colorado; three of the five counties are considered “frontier” counties, meaning they have a population density of six or fewer people per square mile. MRH’s RROE project focused on OFR teams, community overdose prevention, and recovery support. An OFR was formed in Moffat County, one of the frontier regions, and agencies are working collaboratively to complete action steps identified during the OFR meetings. Community overdose prevention efforts included school-based programming that reached nearly 800 students; development of a website focused on combating stigma in the Northwest Colorado region, providing regional SUD resources, and sharing stories of recovery; the addition of three year-round medication drop-box locations in previously underserved communities; and the distribution of 850 harm reduction kits that contain 2 doses of Narcan, 10 fentanyl test strips, instructional pamphlets, harm reduction resources, and an encouragement card. Recovery support efforts included a health partnership peer recovery support team that engaged with individuals both in the community and upon release from incarceration as well as an adult diversion program in the 14th Judicial District.