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Map of Northern Kentucky University service area

Northern Kentucky

Population: 21,478 (Carroll County – 10,713; Owen County – 10,765)

Service Area: Carroll and Owen Counties

Northern Kentucky University (NKU) focused its RROE project on Carroll and Owen Counties, both in the Northern Kentucky region and home to 21,478 residents in total. NKU worked with a local high school to institute Moral Reconation Therapy for students as an alternative to suspension, with 60 youths completing the program at project end; developed a personalized SUD health curriculum for Carroll County Schools, which reached 957 students; trained teachers in Owen County in the “Too Good for Drugs” curriculum; and reached 1,063 youths through community organizations with its “in house” curriculum as well as 543 community members. NKU provided naloxone training and distribution to parolees, corrections officers, first responders, schools, and the public, distributing 1,039 kits in total as well as providing NaloxBoxes in high schools and some local restaurants and convenience stores. NKU also supported the hiring of a care coordinator for Carroll County and a reentry specialist for the Carroll County Detention Center, which together have received 394 referrals, connected 389 individuals to services, and identified 203 families at risk who were also connected to services.