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Map of Reno County Health Department service area

Reno County
Health Department

Population: 26,476 (Barton); 34,544 (Harvey); 62,510 (Reno)

Service Area: Barton, Reno, and Harvey Counties

Reno County Health Department, located in Kansas, partnered with Barton and Harvey Counties, Kansas, all of which are approximately 30 to 60 miles away from the nearest large city, and utilized a three-tiered approach to meet each county’s individual needs. In Reno County, ODMAP use expanded greatly and information is used to share real-time information with the community about overdoses and hot spots. A 24-hour helpline was also developed that individuals can call if they have experienced or are experiencing an overdose, along with “calling cards” that include the hotline number that can be shared by hospitals, EMS, and law enforcement as needed. In Harvey County, efforts focused on the formation of a drug court, which had 17 clients in its first year. Barton County was able to increase the involvement of individuals with lived experience in several of its programs and improved the transition process for individuals with SUD who leave the local jail and engage in treatment or recovery housing.