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Map of SMA Healthcare, Inc. service area

SMA Healthcare,

Population: Approximately 74,000

Service Area: Putnam County

SMA Healthcare, Inc., focused its RROE efforts in Putnam County, Florida, which has a population of approximately 74,000 and the highest rate of opioid prescriptions in the state. SMA Healthcare helped implement ODMAP in Putnam County, with more than 1,100 overdoses reported over the project period, and offered drug awareness education programs to more than 6,500 school-aged children. SMA Healthcare also hosted four drug take-back events that collected approximately 507 pounds of drugs in total; established an outreach team to respond to overdoses, which received 187 referrals and made contact with 56 individuals; distributed approximately 1,500 naloxone kits in the community; and provided naloxone training to 129 school staff members, 32 law enforcement officers, and 12 volunteer fire/rescue personnel.